Workbook Template Piece of My Heart

Workbook Template Piece of My Heart

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Workbook Template Piece of My Heart


A completely customizable 11-page Canva PDF template. A quick and easy way to create a Freebie PDF guide or Workbook for your students! The template is totally customizable just update with your images, and brand colors. This template’s cohesive design pairs perfect with our Piece of My Heart Sales Funnels Kit Bundle and Piece of My Heart Website Template! Save hours by simply popping in your content so you can share your resource with your community ASAP!

Perfect for Service Providers or Course Creators looking to:

  1. To Build Free Resources
  2. Look to Grow Their E-mail List
  3. Create Supplemental Resources for Courses
  4. Save Time Creating Content Upgrades

You’ll get:

  1. Canva Template that includes 11 uniquely designed pages: 
    1. Cover Page
    2. Table of Contents
    3. About Page
    4. Checklist Page
    5. 6 Additional Content Pages
    6. Final Call to Action Page
  2. Update with your own brand colors, image and fonts to re-use and repurpose
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